Ken J. French Jr., President

Keri French, CFO


Russ Highton Jr. - IT Director

Matt Rouillard - Development

Jeff Manno - Development was designed in 2020 by Snoozzy Inc. to help consumers shopping for Medicare find a local Medicare advisor to guide and educate them.

Snoozzy Inc.
was founded by Ken & Keri French in 2009. We work specifically with Independent Insurance Professionals, helping them efficiently modernize their web and social media presence. The advantage of working with us is our background is in the insurance industry as former General Agents / FMO’s, helping insurance agents market their products. We understand the grind of being an independent agent, the carriers and their technology, as well as the compliance requirements needed for your website. Our process is simple, we interview you to understand your focus and business style. Then we design a website and social media presence that compliments your style makes you more efficient and helps you generate referrals. Once our services are up and running, you will work with us directly! We would be happy to chat with you and to see if our services are going to be a good long-term solution to your needs.